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Thread: a request for help

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    a request for help

    though i don't use a 4/3d's camera, many friends here have defected from the small sensor forum and i'd like to request their help. here's the post i just put.

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    since i started as a journalist in high school, do photos in a series, and enjoy history, i'd like the enter the leica barnack contest (turns out you can use any camera).

    for the past two days i've gone through my 2009 photos and have come up with six themes, which i've posted on my site.

    i'd first of all like to know which theme has a chance of winning (i like them all). this contest for photojournalism, so it has to have social content. look at past winners and see what i mean.

    they don't always go for top-heavy political emphasis. each theme i've chosen backed up by dozens of photos, so these particalur ones don't have to be the final choice. i would like curator evaluations of what might be strongest, given the requirements.

    thanks much for your insight.


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    Re: a request for help

    I'll be right over to help if I can......

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