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Thread: Focus test - some fast lenses

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    Focus test - some fast lenses

    We've been talking about a few fast lenses in other threads, and I said I'd run a more structured test of the focus characteristics for some of my fast lenses. Below are the results. All were shot wide open. I wanted to get an idea of the characteristics of the focal plane, drop-off, etc. so I could understand how to best use these lenses at wide open aperture. Hope they're helpful to others as well.

    GH1; ISO200; 1/200 to 1/400 shutter; wide open aperture; natural window lighting; JPEGs as shot from camera w/ minimal PP

    Target provided by Tim Jackson: Focus Test Chart v2.1

    Panasonic 20/1.7

    Computar 25/1.3

    Canon FD 50/1.4

    Canon FL 55/1.2


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    Re: Focus test - some fast lenses

    Nice test!

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    Re: Focus test - some fast lenses

    you'd have to be pretty worried if you were getting back focus on the MF lenses ;-)

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