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Thread: e-p1 laptop control

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    e-p1 laptop control


    I wanted to control my e-p1 using my computer to do time-lapse video for example. It tried Olympus Studio 2.3 with e-p1 support but it looks like camera control is not supported with the e-p1.
    I did find this item on ebay:

    But is there a way to use my laptop as the interval timer?

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    Re: e-p1 laptop control

    Quote Originally Posted by jwestra View Post
    ... is there a way to use my laptop as the interval timer?
    No. I asked Olympus about this some time ago. They've not put the control interface that Studio 2 depends upon into the E-Px cameras.

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    Re: e-p1 laptop control

    Thank you for the reply, I was afraid this was the case. I guess that other software is also not able to operate the shutter via the standard usb cable. Bit annoying of Olympus to not include an interval timer in the camera AND disable camera control via usb.

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