I just acquired a used G1 from a forum member (thanks, Stefan!). I also picked up a couple of adapters from Cirrus' ebay store. The OM adapter is great.

But I have a problem with the adapter for Leica M. It mounts properly on the G1, with a tiny bit of "play." But the M-mount is not right. It is a little too tight, so the lens stops rotating just before the locking pin engages with the notch in the M-mount lens. I can make it lock, but I have to use a lot of force, and that's not good. This happens on all the lenses I've tried.

Are they all like that, or did I get a bad sample? Would it be better to try to get Cirrus to exchange it for another? Or get a refund and try a different model? And if the latter, which one?

The M lenses on the G1 are wonderful and seem to retain their quality and character, so this seems worth getting right. All my 50s from the film days are going to get a new lease on life as portrait/medium tele lenses on the G1.