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Thread: Which Adapter Brand for Nikon Lenses?

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    Which Adapter Brand for Nikon Lenses?

    Just joined last night and have been searching the archives. I am about to buy a m43 camera--probably the G1 and want to use my MF Nikon lenses. I know there are several brands of adapters with a wide range of prices. Is there any reason to pick one brand over another?

    Thanks for your opinions.

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    Re: Which Adapter Brand for Nikon Lenses?


    I use the Novaflex Nikon adapter. In the U.K. this is a rather hefty 170/180. Yes it works fine. But the lens release button/lever is a bit cheap and nasty and the mount is easily turned on the camera body when changing lenses. It can be used with G lenses but in a very hit and miss, guess at the aperture game. But as I say, it works, would I buy it again? No, I would look around at comments on this and other sites and try buying one on Ebay for 20/40 but check that the cheaper one does provide the aperture control, some don't.

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    Re: Which Adapter Brand for Nikon Lenses?

    I have the very cheap Fotodiox one that fits onto the Panny M4/3-to-4/3 adapter. It's no-frills (no aperture adjustment) but works well. If you already have the Panny adapter, it's worth a look.


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    Re: Which Adapter Brand for Nikon Lenses?

    I have the fotodiox one (micro 4 thirds, no aperture adjustment-all my lenses have aperture rings). Works perfectly well, decent quality construction.

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