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Thread: Current lenses even better.

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    Current lenses even better.

    This is interesting. The latest incarnation of Photoshop CS5's Camera Raw plugin will support lens profiles. This could for example in effect nullify any slight advantage Panasonic camera bodies may have over Olympus in correcting CA by writing the corrections to the Raw file. Good lens profiles should be able to fix this along with other types of lens distortion. Although only Canon and Nikon profiles will come preinstalled with the application Adobe already has a free utility for creating lens profiles for any lens available for download.

    I imagine this should be interesting for many on this forum who like to use a variety of legacy lenses and get the best results possible.

    See here:

    And here:

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    Re: Current lenses even better.

    Can it pull a panorama from a fish eye?

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    Re: Current lenses even better.

    I don't think it will pull a panorama from a fisheye. It may however de-fish a fisheye. That's a pretty radical and questionable transformation though. I think this will be much more useful in correcting whatever barrel distortion, Chromatic Aberration and vignetting our lenses may have. As such I imagine architectural shooters will love this.
    I for one would welcome a quick fix for CA along the edges of silhouettes when shooting people on white backgrounds in a studio. Creating a preset for this in Camera Raw and quickly applying to a bunch of pictures simultaneously from within Bridge would be a nice time saver.

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