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Thread: Olympus Ep-1/2 4/3 lens adapter question.

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    Olympus Ep-1/2 4/3 lens adapter question.

    If you use the super high grade Olympus 4/3s Zuiko lenses on either EP-1 or EP2 with the adapter do those lenses still have AF function? Or do you have to focus them manually like on the Panasonic G's.

    Panasonic had a table on their website for the G1,GH1 and GF1 that told you which lenses would still be able to AF (very few) and which did not.

    I was thinking that since the EP-1 and EP-2 WERE Olympus cameras the possibility that most or ALL of the superb Zuiko 4/3's lenses would be fully compatible AF-wise is good.
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    Re: Olympus Ep-1/2 4/3 lens adapter question.

    Yes Olympus E-Px AF with all the FT SLR lenses used on the adapter. Some work better than others but all work.

    Panasonic G2/G10 now achieve almost the same AF compatibility.

    Doesn't really matter to me much. I use all my FT SLR lenses on the G1, just focus manually.

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    Re: Olympus Ep-1/2 4/3 lens adapter question.

    I was disappointed about no AF with my standard 4/3 lenses, both of which predate the compatibility with contrast AF. But, I quickly discovered that my old Zuiko digital 40-150 f/3.5-4.5 is very easy to focus manually. Especially with the MF magnify function, but even without out it. I won't be taking any action shots with it, but it does fine.

    I'm using a G1, so it doesn't have IS either, but that's why we have things like monopods, beanbags and fence posts. Or even walls to lean against.

    Moral of the story: If you like a lens, use it. See how it works for the kinds of photos you take. The limitations on paper may not be as bad as the marketing department wishes you to believe.


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