Hi all.
I was looking around the forums and noticed there is no thread for unusual or unseen images. Let me explain: There are hundreds of members from all walks of life on this forum and some of us are able to go to places others cannot and maybe never will. (hence unseen) Maybe staff only/backstage areas of theaters or the VIP lounge of an airport ( i know i will never see one of those )
And what about the fact that we all see things differently. Have you ever seen an image and wondered "how on earth did they take that", maybe the perspective was different or it seems the photographer put themselves in danger to take the shot or maybe it was a "strictly no photography" area.
Show us your unseen and unusual images.
I have a couple to start things:

Inside the wheel well of a 737-900, so many pipes wires and cables.

Standing on the tracks, not really dangerous but not a place i was allowed to be in.

Look forward to some great images.

Thanks J