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Thread: Weird stuff

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    Weird stuff

    There is this old farm not far from me. It has the strangest stuff scattered all over the place.

    Every fence post for about 100 yards has old shoes nailed to them. Lots of shoes! Looks like mostly kids shoes. I've heard of bronzing baby shoes, but this? Is is some kind of totem to ward off evil spirits? I don't know but its really strange.

    An really old, rusted out car parked in front. Looks like one day about 75 years ago they just parked it and then forgot about it. Note the phone, a precursor to the the car phone?

    Chandeliers and light fixtures hung to trees. There is lots more strange stuff all over the place. This is just what I saw from the road, I did not enter the property, did not want to trespass. I wonder what one would find if they could rummage around?

    G1 and kit lens.


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    Re: Weird stuff

    Try knocking on the door ask ask if you could shoot around.
    Sometimes I have been pleasantly surprised.

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    Re: Weird stuff

    the stories behind all these would be amazing. they could be artists or just plain eccentric. might be well worth the effort to knock on the door.

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