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Thread: Nervous About These OLY Lens Hoods

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    Nervous About These OLY Lens Hoods

    Olympus E620 Digital SLR Camera with:
    * 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 ED Zuiko Lens
    * 40-150mm f/4.0-5.6 ED Zuiko Lens
    Both the lenses have 58mm filter threads.

    The camera is GREAT. The lenses are SUPER.

    I'm very uneasy about changing the lenses with the hood attached to the lens. The lens hoods are very cleverly designed. They can be taken off the lens, reversed, and put back on the lens compactly during storage. The hood uses a bayonet-style attachment to hold the hood is in position on the lens for storage and shooting. The bayonet-style attachment 'loosely' holds the hood in place, but does not 'secure' it to the lens.

    I'm used to lens hoods that are threaded onto the filter thread. I'm used to prime lenses, not telephotos. I change a lens with caps in about 15 seconds, but not with these hoods attached. I take them off, change lenses, and put the hood on the lens that on the camera. I'm wondering:
    * Is this hood design safe to leave the hood on the lens while changing?
    * If I replace the hood with a threaded hood, what do I need to consider?
    * Did Olympus design this style of hood, rather than a threaded hood, to try to reduce potential damage to such a light-weight lens?
    * Do I really need a lens hood?
    * If I should just relax, because I won't need to change telephoto lenses as often as I change prime lenses?

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    Re: Nervous About These OLY Lens Hoods


    I believe that if you turn the hood a bit tighter, it will "snap" into a locked position. It works the same way in the storage position as well.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Nervous About These OLY Lens Hoods

    Whilst we have a lens hood thread running can I ask if anyone has had problems with these:-

    I needed a new cap as mine had dropped off somewhere. I subsequently found where I could buy the cap alone - but spotted this first. The hood screws into an adaptor ring and people have been warning of the dangers of using the screw when the lens can retract.

    It does retract when the G1 that I use is switched off - but to the eye the adaptor seems exactly the tolerated depth. Nothing to spare, but no sign of stopping the lens going as far in as it wants. I'm inclined to use it as the hood, though maybe not needed on the lens, does provide a bit more protection when the cap is not in place.


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    Re: Nervous About These OLY Lens Hoods

    Hi Dave 5252,
    Welcome to the Forums.
    The lens hoods are secured quite well as Otto says if you turn them a little more they click into place.
    I change my lenses quite often and i always remove the hood first as its just a quick twist then hold it with my little finger then remove the lens. Takes seconds thats all, then on with the caps and another quick twist and the hoods on in the reverse direction and plop it into my bag.
    I have had my E520 for nearly a year now and i have only ever knocked off a hood once and it dropped off my balcony and 6 floors to the street. I went and got it before it was run over (these things are quite expensive to replace with genuine parts), not a scratch on it. I dont bother with them indoors but out and about i think its best to use them.
    As for screw on hoods..... well its a matter of personal preference really. Use what you comfortable with.

    Hope to see some pics from you soon. Always interested to see other E series users pictures as i am always doubting my camera but i know at the end of the day 99% of my dodgy pics are user error.


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