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Thread: Various Adapters / Lenses

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    Various Adapters / Lenses

    Just curious what people recommend for m43 adapters. I know there are various threads that discuss some specific lens types or brands - but wondering what people recommend overall.

    I have a GF1 with a C mount adapter. Also takes M42 lenses, I believe - I have an old Nikon Kogaku 5cm f2 lens.

    I see occasionally various other mounts and brands discussed - Pentax, etc. I have only some familiarity with various older mounts / types.

    Ideally, I'd like to find a few good fast primes. Sharp, relatively light, not too much CA, etc. I have the 20mm 1.7 - would love to find some relatively inexpensive primes of f2 or faster - from wide up until around 75mm - don't really need anything longer. Especially the wide to 40mm range would be most useful.

    Any suggestions on brands, mounts, specific models, etc????

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    Re: Various Adapters / Lenses

    The answer depends on your budget. I have Canon FD lenses because they're a great combination of low cost and high IQ. Canon FD lenses are also widely available. Other brands like Minolta, Pentax, Konica, etc. are also great choices for bargain prices, but there's less availability in general. Nikon lenses are also available, but are generally a bit more expensive because Nikon lenses still fit on modern DSLRs, whereas Canon FD is a dead format, so aside from old film users and now mirrorless users, there's not a lot of demand. If you want higher quality and/or more compact lenses, you're moving up in price to the Contax G, Voigtlander, and Leica lenses. You'll want to spend some time to look through the many photo threads on this forum to see which lens or lens brand you like more than others in particular, since IQ is a personal preference.

    Here's a list of adapters that was collected early in the m4/3 history. There are other brands out there now, but this should give you a good idea on adapters:
    Panasonic GH1/G1, Canon FTb(n)/F-1, Mamiya C330F/RB67 Pro SD, Chamonix 45N-2, Nikon F5 + Assorted Lenses

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