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Thread: Better ISO and better DR from Pana?

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    Better ISO and better DR from Pana?

    From what Ive read and seen Panasonic is using a new technology to improve the results of the LX5 over the LX3. They have claimed better iso performance (with less detail), better detail and a 30% increase in DR. From all the sample photos Ive seen the LX5 shows clearly more detailed results with better iso (not so detailed though) and a bit more dynamic range. Wouldnt it be incredible to get some of these results on the new batch of micro 4/3 cameras?! The GF1 has about 10,5 stops dynamic range so this would mean an increase to around 13,65 stops dynamic range...which would be incredible but highly doubtfull. Also, getting some clean iso 2000 would ge great! I think will have some nice surprises in Photokina this year regarding mirrorless cameras (and not just from Pana and Oly).

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    Re: Better ISO and better DR from Pana?

    I haven't seen any photos that show any definitive advantage of the LX5 over the LX3 - some of the comparison 'reviews' show small JPEGs taken in auto mode, which mean nothing - so while I'm hopeful some of these improvements they've made will pan out to tangible results for the new MFT sensor cameras, for the moment I'm highly dubious of claims of improvement.
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    Re: Better ISO and better DR from Pana?

    there will be improvements in high iso definately .. better DR maybe... it is the only differentiator that manufacturers can offer now the megapixel race is over.

    I think we are at the same cross roads on sensors that we were with microprocessors a few years back... I am typing this on a 4 year old machine - twin 3gHz dual core - best cpu today still runs at around the same speed... just there are more of them on the same chip

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