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Thread: Deal on G1 bodies.

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    Deal on G1 bodies.

    There's a seller on ebay that just put up new black G1's, (body"s only) for $219 buy it now shipped, he shows he has 10 for sale. Have never dealt with this seller but he has a lot of feed back. If you're looking for a body sounds like a deal.

    I also see he has 10 new 14-45 lenses for sale.


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    Re: Deal on G1 bodies.

    . . . . . thanks for the lead.

    I wanted a back up for my GF1 and for the price I could not resist the temptation.

    $219 with free shipping!

    . . . . . there are now 6 left for sale.

    Life is Grand!


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    Jonathan Michael Johnson

    Re: Deal on G1 bodies.

    What a great price. Looks like the lot's been sold.

    I emailed the seller a few days ago asking if the warranty was still intact and if the camera was the US version (with English menu/firmware). Never got a reply so I didn't follow through.

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