On october the 4th, 2009, I have filmed some material with a 30$ C-mount Cosmicar 25mm 1.8, a very small and light lens in L'herbe, a small fishermen port near Bordeaux, France. I always openned it at 1:1.8 for its particular circular bokeh, it reminds me pictures from my Lomo Olga. It's a lens for security camera.

Then almost 1 year later, on august the 8th, 2010, I went back to l'Herbe, but with my new 30$ Fujian CCTV C-mount 35mm 1.7, no vignetting there, but you have a "tilt shift effect" because of the lens' poor quality

Between those two dates, the GH1 hacked firmware have appeared.
This is a comparison between those two cheap CCTV lenses, and the Panasonic / hacked firmware, in the same place, with my same (oldest daughter.

1- GH1 720P PAL (Panasonic Firmware)
30$ C-mount Computar TV lens 25mm always @ 1:1.8 for its particular circular bokey
400 to 100 asa, shutter from 100 to 4000 to keep it wide open

2- GH1 720P NTSC (hacked firmware)
Fujian CCTV C-mount 35mm always @ 1:1.7 for its particular tilt shift effect
400 to 100 asa, shutter from 100 to 4000 to keep it wide open

Edited on Premiere CS5
No color correction

You can watch the original 2009 Cosmicar movie here :
and another Fujian/hacked movies here:

Hacked firmware from Tester13
Selon jobless
Video bitrate adjustment - 38000000
Overall bitrate adjustment - 40000000
Limiting bitrate adjustment - 42000000"
Since I've hacked my GH1, two mains problems have appeared :
1- I can't edit anymore on Premiere CS5 (on a Mac Book Pro unibody end 2008 with 4 Go of RAM), there is too much bit rate for native editing, so I have to edit with FCP trough "Log and transfert" in Apple Pro Res
2- I can't shoot on 720P under 60 shutter speed because of awfull mud problems.... Wich is a problem when I want to have more light...

Duration : 2mn56sec
Music : The Velvet Underground "Sunday morning"