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Thread: Wine festival images.

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    Wine festival images.

    Went to the local wine festival yesterday. Here are a couple of images that I found interesting.

    Old red Ford. Looks like Jaws to me.

    Foot stomping grapes. Took many, this is the only of interest due to the good light and girls pretty foot.

    Grape juice pouring from the wine press. The are pneumatic nowadays with a rubber bladder which expands and squeezes out the juice. Now more antique screw presses.

    This is the hopper the grapes are placed in. An auger smashes the grapes and sends them to the press via the hose shown. I like the abstract forms and color of the hose.

    This is a small winery in Illinois - not exactly wine country.


    G1 and 20, 14-45, and 45-200 lenses used.
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