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Thread: Leica screw adapter m43

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    Leica screw adapter m43

    I recently bought what appears to be a Roxen adapter for Leica 39mm lenses for my new G1 .
    There is an inner ring which can be adjusted for lens orientation .
    Unfortunately , the tiny grub screws wich prevent the inner ring turning are incapable of holding it - and quickly become burred with repeated use .
    It was difficult extricating my CV 35 f 2.5 .
    Has anyone tried one of these ?

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    Re: Leica screw adapter m43

    I think I got the same adaptor, but didn't change orientation, since it's just slightly of.
    Maybe I take a look, when I get back home from work. Anyway I don't have any problems except from that and it focuses nicely to infinity with my two lenses.
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