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Thread: What GH2 setting affect Raw files?

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    What GH2 setting affect Raw files?

    I'm increasingly unsure with GH2 which settings also affect raw files. For instance, I thought that aspect ratio was baked into raw, but now I'm not so sure, because the handbook implies you can change this post capture. But what about intelligent resolution and intelligent dymamic range? I assume film styles, like Canon's picture styles, only affect Jpeg.

    BTW, is there a direct equivalent of Highlight Tone Priority in the GH2 menu, or is that what i. dynamic range is?

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    Re: What GH2 setting affect Raw files?

    Aspect ratio is baked into RAW. As far as I know, nothing else is.

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    Re: What GH2 setting affect Raw files?

    Setting the camera NR to +2 will activate a very objectionable RAW noise reduction at the higher ISOs. Best to leave NR at 0 if you shoot RAW.

    Aspect ratio is baked, the in camera aspect change in review mode mentioned in the manual is just a crop of the image you have taken rather than the diagonal preserving aspect changes available at the time of shooting. So best to make sure you are using the aspect you want when shooting RAW.

    Finally, some of the film modes affect the exposure system and change the exposure by a few 1/3 Ev in each direction. This essentially indirectly affects the RAW because you'll get different exposures, and hence different RAW files, of the same scene depending on the film mode. I think the DPR review says which film modes bias exposure and to what amount.

    A slightly more obvious one is long exposure noise reduction where the camera takes a dark frame and subtracts it, this effects both RAW and JPEG naturally.

    I'm not aware of any other RAW interactions that anyone has discovered yet.


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