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Thread: Inserting copyright info on GH2

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    Inserting copyright info on GH2

    With the Panasonic GH2, I can't find anywhere to add owner, author and copyright so that it always appears on EXIF data, either in camera menus or in Panasonic Studio software. Well obviously you can't set some of this in camera menus or that would void its security value but I thought you should be able to do this in the utility software, like you can with Canon. Have I missed something?

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    Re: Inserting copyright info on GH2

    I dunno specifically for the GH2 but the GH1 is like you're saying... no control at all over the EXIF entries. For (C) info LR or Bridge will allow you to auto-add those things on conversion tho.

    IMO this is something sorely missing from computers everywhere. The ability to modify the EXIF anyway one would like to. For me I wanna put legacy lens names and aperture values in place! As it is if i want to do that, I have to use a hex editor - LAME!

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    Re: Inserting copyright info on GH2

    I have made an action in PS that ads copyright info to my photos. One click and it's done. Very easy

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