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Thread: Capture Clip and a M4/3

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    Capture Clip and a M4/3

    Just a little PSA but thought I would share my new found happiness using the Capture Clip and my G2. The weight of the M4/3 makes it a very friendly and easy to use system.

    I've also tried it with 5D and 16-35L and it also works well, but as I am sure any M4/3 user can appreciate a light weight camera excels with this type of set up.

    Anyone else matched the two up?

    If any one is interested Ill post some pics of the set up.

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    Re: Capture Clip and a M4/3

    The Capture Clip is great! I've had mine for just over a month.

    the plate is a bit too big on the GF1 so can't open the battery door fully, but no problems on the GH2.

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