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Thread: GH2 and 14-140 advice needed - Rattle / fan noise

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    GH2 and 14-140 advice needed - Rattle / fan noise

    I just picked up a used GH2 on ebay. It has a couple quirks that I'm concerned about.

    The 14-140 kit lens that came with it makes a clicking noise or rattle when the camera is turned on and off. Is that normal? You can also hear it when you tilt the lens back and forth. I googled it, and apparently it could be the OIS. Can anyone confirm this?

    Also, I can hear a fan or something (very faint, but there) in the GH2 when it's on. My GH1 is totally silent. Is that normal?


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    Re: GH2 and 14-140 advice needed - Rattle / fan noise

    lens rattle is fine, its just the lens mechanisms unlocking and locking itself on startup, like a hdd head. thats my educated guess.

    fan is your IOS switched on in most cases. i have come across a number of threads of the same topic. turn it off or stick a manual lens on to see if it goes away.

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