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Thread: external flash advice for G series cameras

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    external flash advice for G series cameras

    Hello all,

    What are the options for triggering external flash units with a G-series Panny camera?

    As well, what external flash units would you recommend? I have studio strobes here, but as I wind down my business, I will probably sell these. I have been using the big Sony flash units taped to stands, with the heads just inside soft boxes (and triggering with a small Sony unit sitting the the hot shoe). I would like to duplicate this setup for my Panny bodies (G1 and GH2).

    Cheers, and TIA, KL

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    Re: external flash advice for G series cameras

    I originally bought the Cactus V5 for my gh1 and Oly FL 50R flash . I am just a hobbyist, and to be honest I haven't yet gotten around to trying it out on the GH2 yet. I based my purchase on the good reviews on youtube =). I am sure you will have more experience as to specifics that you require.

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