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Thread: Why no focus peaking on m43 cameras

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    Why no focus peaking on m43 cameras

    I haven't been following the m43 cameras since I got a Nex, but the OM-D captured my imagination. However, I doubt that I will be getting it in it's current form as I really like focus peaking. I never liked the way that the EP-2 handled legacy lenses (I only have MF lenses) and I suspect that I won't like the way the OM-D handles them either -- but would love to be wrong.

    What would it take for Olympus (their cameras interest me the most) to implement focus peaking?

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    Re: Why no focus peaking on m43 cameras

    I don't know, but another disadvantage for legacy lens shooting is the 4/3rds sensor size... to be honest, if you want a camera for legacy lenses, the NEX 7 looks like a better bet.

    On the other hand, the native lens selection for m4/3rds is looking better and better, and weathersealing is very attractive indeed.

    I have the 45mm f1.8, will get the weathersealed 12-50mm zoom with the OM-D and weathersealed 4/3rds adapter to try my ZD lenses for size.



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