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Thread: Ongoing reviews of MFT gear

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    Ongoing reviews of MFT gear

    I don't think many of you realise that I've been writing on the MFT system over on my blog, the Theatre of Noise. I hope it will not be considered spamming if I link to some items of interest here, especially as I am not selling anything! Except maybe knowledge. Some of these articles will be more useful to beginners while others get into the nitty gritty.

    I am always interested in stirring up discussion and try not to be hidebound in my way of thinking. I started in digital SLRs with Pentax and was well-served by them for some time. But the desire for a more portable camera, plus the itch to try lenses from different systems, led me to MFT. You can't say I'm on the bleeding edge, but hopefully there is still something to learn from a late adopter.

    A good place to start might be my Introduction To Micro Four Thirds and my recent Overview of the Olympus PEN Camera Range. I haven't had any experience with the Panasonic line, since I much prefer the PEN styling and consider IBIS crucial. However, I do have a few Panasonic lenses!

    I started things off with a review of the E-P1, my first purchase only one year ago.

    The most significant upgrade was the EVF, which I looked at in two parts:

    My absolute favourite lens on my PEN is the Olympus G. Zuiko 40mm f/1.4. My reviews make no excuses for being subjective, but I do provide as many factual details as possible and even shoot test photos.

    Speaking of tests, I have done two comparisons, in order to determine the IQ difference between systems.

    I explain one of the biggest advantages of mirrorless cameras, their ability to take a multitude of lens systems through adapters, in a series of articles of which these are just two.

    Those aren't the only articles, as I've been busy writing! (And shooting.) I hope all this is of use to you. I do get very nice comments from people I've helped, just as I am grateful for all the help I have received on this and other forums.

    Stay tuned to my blog, through the RSS feed, as soon I will be trying out tilt adapters and even more exotic lenses.

    And because I believe that every photo thread needs photos, here's a look at spring in Limerick City.

    (Cross-posted to Mu-43 though with a different image.)
    Listen to my new album "The Drones" free on BandCamp. Visit my Flickr images, website, or blog. Cheers!
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    Re: Ongoing reviews of MFT gear

    Really nice Robin.......I used to peek in on your blog every once in a while you were writing about your Pentax experiences (and others).

    I just looked in've been busy

    Thanks for sharing the links.....R

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