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Thread: Olympus 40-150: Keep or Replace?

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    Olympus 40-150: Keep or Replace?

    I ordered the Olympus 40-150 with the OM-D since they had a special going if purchased together. It was $149 and while small and light the quality seems to be only OK. I am not much of a telephoto user and the 24-50 I also purchased will probably work for me.

    For those who have used the 40-150 is it worth keeping or should I get rid of it and use the funds for either a 75 (when available) or the 100-300 that seems to take nice photos? I already have the 25 and 45 lenses so I could also go crazy and save up for the 12 or the 9-18. However the real question is - is the 40-150 worth keeping?


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    Re: Olympus 40-150: Keep or Replace?

    last night I read a review and the lens there got decent marks.
    But if you doubt it and are not too happy with its performance, then there is only one way ...

    Btw I'm shooting the "lowly" Panasonic super-zooms 14-140 and 100-300

    All the best.
    Bart ...

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