Hello all,

As I get lighter and lighter with my gear, I have been experimenting with video on the OM-D. I am seriously thinking of using it to record video for YouTube (I have been using a pro. video camera for this up until now) but the IBIS seems to work really well, and a light tripod is an option, too.

I am using the 1280 x 720 normal as the record setting (quality-wise, more than good enough for YouTube, but am unsure if this is the 720p (progressive) I am used to.

I use S-AF. I have found that, if the Video button is set to Record, then a half-ress of the shutter will refocus—but the irritation is that the focus rectangle is not visible once recording starts.

Has anyone been able to get the touch screen Focus to work—that would be perfect if possible, but I have not been able to bring up that screen once in the dedicated movie mode.

If there are well-known OM-D video setup URLs anywhere, please share.

Cheers in advance, Kit