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Thread: ZD SHG 14-35 & 35-100, sell or keep?

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    ZD SHG 14-35 & 35-100, sell or keep?

    Hello again everyone,

    ...if this sounds repetitive, or you've already seen my similar thread on another forum, then please pardon my questions regarding these lenses. I really need to know what to do with them, so my questions are:
    -are they truly workable or not with the OM-D? I am aware of the slower focusing issues and the size and weight of them, particularly the 35-100.
    -is the IQ visibly that much better when compared to some of the top lenses available in m43rds? I don't mean on a resolution chart but when looking at properly done prints
    -there are some reports saying the 14-35 is simply unable to focus on an m43rds camera, have any of you tried using this lens on the OM-D?

    ...if these lenses are not going to "earn their keep" then I am willing to sell them at prices that should guarantee they change ownership. I simple don't want to lug their weight around any longer unless they are truly unsurpassed pieces of glass, and I can use the money towards m43rds replacements.

    I really would appreciate some good feedback from all of you as this is a tough decision to make, so I thank you in advance for your opinions.


    Lorne Miller

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    Re: ZD SHG 14-35 & 35-100, sell or keep?

    If it was me, I would keep them. I can't say anything about differences in image quality, but they are one stop faster than any zoom made for m4/3, and I don't think that will change. I'm keeping the PanaLeica 14-50 f/2.8-3.5 for similar reasons, a combination of reach, aperture and image quality that we are not likely to see in m4/3 format.

    Should you on the other hand be selling them for a reasonable price, I might be interested in considering them, if I can find a suitable bank to rob

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    Re: ZD SHG 14-35 & 35-100, sell or keep?

    I'm with Jorgen - I'd keep them.
    There's talk of an E7 (with the innards of an OMD) and it doesn't seem unreasonable to think that there will be an adapter which takes account of the focusing issues. Either of these would increase their value.

    Seems to me that these lenses are currently at a low ebb,and that new developments are likely to improve their usefulness and value . . . . . and if not, then they will gradually become legendary and command better prices.

    Just this guy you know

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