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Thread: 4/3 and lens corrections?

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    4/3 and lens corrections?

    I've understood that 4/3 cameras do quite a lot of software corrections for their lenses. But is it that this only applies to shooting JPEG and not RAW? Also, do Olympus cameras provide corrections for Panasonic lenses and vice versa or does that only happen between a camera body and a lens of the same brand?

    Also, I guess one can do most of these corrections in PP. Is there a difference between different PP software (that support the camera and lens in question) in this regard? And how efficient is the correction in PP compared to in-camera correction?

    Whew, that's a lot of questions! Thanks.

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    Re: 4/3 and lens corrections?

    You'll get good pointers in this thread. Check post #3, by Godfrey.
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