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Thread: SLR Magic Press Release:

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    SLR Magic Press Release:

    I just received this press release from the folks at SLR Magic, reposted here for your information:


    Dear All,

    We are now working on lenses for anamorphic and cancelled all RangeFinder coupled lens projects due to too much effort in defending our brand from Leica community attacks. It had been tiring for us and tiring for moderators of many websites. It is hard to develop in a market where users do not want another alternative to Leica lenses and that is understandable. Hopefully when the HyperPrime LM 50mm T0.95 get acceptance as a new third party lens we will consider to continue future RangeFinder coupled lens projects again.

    I have mentioned in personal-view today with our decision on RF coupled lenses.

    "A lot of damage was done to us when we got attacked by the Leica community by releasing the 50mm T0.95 lens. We cancelled the HyperPrime LM 35mm T0.95 and HyperPrime LM 24mm T1.4 for Leica camera project and went along with the HyperPrime CINE 35mm T0.95 and anamorphics project instead due to lack of user support in the Leica community."

    source: Most wanted ANAMORPHIC lens - Personal View Talks

    Kind rgds.,
    Andrew Chan


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    Re: SLR Magic Press Release:

    The lens appeared to have technical problems, none of which were explained by the company. Manufacturing an RF coupled lens requires more precision to hold the RF coupling across the focus range. Problems that can cause problems as described by various users include wobble in the helical, and even the weight and fulcrum point of the lens. A 0.01mm shift of the RF Cam is enough to throw the focus off on a rangefinder camera. The lens should work perfectly well on a u43 camera.
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