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Thread: G2 flash not firing when it's supposed to?

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    G2 flash not firing when it's supposed to?

    Although I much prefer available light photography, I am more or less forced to use the Lumix's own pop-up flash on the odd occasion. And it does deliver decent results for what it is. However, recently, I came across something surprising.

    I am assuming, that much like my Canon EOS 30 35mm SLR, that when you pop up the flash on the G2, it would fire regardless of the lighting situation. Though recently, I was photographing my niece playing voilin against a bright sky with the camera's flash popped up. And yet the flash was not firing. Both my neice and I were indoors and there were some large glass doors behind my neice where the sky was taking up a decent amount of the composition.

    I had taken two photos of my neice and both of these resulted in her being recorded as a silhouette. To experiment a bit, I thought I would lean down and take a photograph of the carpet under the table (which did not have any bright areas) and the flash fired on that occasion. But it would refuse to fire when it was pointed at my neice. By the way, the camera was set on A.

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    Re: G2 flash not firing when it's supposed to?

    I believe you have to set the flash to "forced flash" in order to get it fired up regardless the light condition. If it's set to Auto, then the camera will determine whether it should be fired or not despite the fact that you have it opened.

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