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Thread: G1 manual focus patch

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    G1 manual focus patch

    Iím probably missing something obvious, but I canít figure out how to quickly reset the manual focus magnifying area back to the center if Iíve moved it.

    More details: on the G1 setting the focus mode knob to manual selects an area in the center of the viewfinder that is magnified when the manual focus ring is turned. That area can be scrolled up or down or to the side using the arrow keys when, for example, the camera is on a tripod. When the picture is taken Iíd like to be able to quickly center the focus area again. The only ways Iíve found are either to use the arrow keys to slowly move the focus area back (and there is no indicator for itís being dead-center) OR I can turn off manual focusing with the knob and then turn it back on, which works OK but seems very clumsy.

    Is there a better way? Reading the manual has not helped.


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    Re: G1 manual focus patch

    I've found the easiest way to send it back to the center is to quickly flip the AFS/AFC/MF dial one click and then right back (as you mention, you have found this method, too). P 72 MF Assist #2 of the manual outlines the other ways to accomplish this (not useful to me).
    I think it would be good if Panasonic assigned this function to a button press.

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