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Thread: Somebody got a deal.

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    Somebody got a deal.

    I bid $462 on this, wasn't really looking for one but for the price......... This was brand new in the box with the kit lens but from a private seller who bought a bunch of them for his employees as gifts and had one left over.

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    Re: Somebody got a deal.

    Somebody got a deal, indeed....

    and, some lucky employees got a great boss....

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    Re: Somebody got a deal.

    You can get them on eBay new in box for $599 with free postage and possibly if MS LiveSearch CashBack is still in effect you can take a further $180 off of that price.

    I had a 10% off coupon from eBay and combined with the 30% from Microsoft I got my L1 (not G1) for $225. However since I also sold an item on eBay that I received in the mail for free for $125 my L1 really cost me $100 plus $15 for the postage.

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