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Thread: Holiday Challenge Shoot over the Holidays

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    Holiday Challenge Shoot over the Holidays

    Okay let's try this again. Love to start a new Holiday Challenge shoot to post here on the forum . The Theme and this should be easy but it could also be a nice challenge . So the Theme is RED yes RED. Do whatever pop's into your viewfinder that depicts what RED means to you. Here are the rules

    But i don't want anyone to post them. Send them to me with your name clearly in the title of the file example GuyM0001. jpg or something like that, your handle is fine. Than I will post them in groups of ten and we will vote on them on a scale from 1 to 10. Than we will take the top three winners from each Poll thread depending on amount of entries. Than we will vote again for the final winners. Okay the deadline to send photos is 1/10/09.

    Have fun with this.

    Send to [email protected]
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    Re: Holiday Challenge Shoot over the Holidays

    Country Store in Cape Cod blizzard. Ho-ho-ho.

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