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Thread: G1 and adapters

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    G1 and adapters

    Hi this is my first post and wish to say it is great to have the opportunity to be able to participate in a forum that does not have any of the incendiary posts that others seem to attract.

    I am seriously considering the G1 as I already have an E330 and L1. My question is would the reduced register distance of approximately 20mm allow for an adapter to be manufactured that would allow shifting and/or tilting using legacy 35mm lenses. My basic calculations indicate that a 35mm lens image circle would allow a vertical shift of approximately 13.3mm and horizontally about 9.4mm (based on a sensor size of 13 x 17.3mm). Not sure if this is correct and would welcome your comments


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    Re: G1 and adapters

    Very interesting idea! There would be room enough for shifting even Leica RF lenses, and ample room also for tilting most SLR mount lenses (by "room", I mean the difference in register would give room for the mechanics of the adapter). That protruding "prism" housing is the only cloud on the horizon.

    And, the MF of the G1 would be perfect for this purpose! An enlarged portion, freely movable within the entore frame, plus visibility even stopped down; nothing could be better!

    Really, you should team up with, say, John Milich or Novoflex!

    BTW, welcome to the forum! Your alias sounds like you´re a vintage car enthusiast as well....

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    Re: G1 and adapters

    "......Your alias sounds like you´re a vintage car enthusiast as well...." when I eventually get round to restoring it!

    This is what is really attracting me to the G1 and any eventual other models is that it has enormous potential because of this excess distance from the body to any 35mm or other lens flange. Unfortunately I do not have the equipment or skill to make one myself so am hoping someone else could.

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