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Thread: G1 Raw files in Lightroom - Geometric Distortion

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    G1 Raw files in Lightroom - Geometric Distortion

    Does Lightroom automatically correct for distortion in the G1's raw files? I read something on Adobe's release notes that distortion correction is currently "baked into" the raw files, and that it future releases Lightroom may give you the option of turning distortion correction on/off. . . . Which leads to my next question -- how well corrected is the distortion for the G1's raw files for the standard 14-45mm zoom? Is it only corrected based on an "average" focus point, or is the correction nuanced so that using a closer focus point results in a different correction than if focused at infinity? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: G1 Raw files in Lightroom - Geometric Distortion

    As I understand it the data for doing the correction is in the raw file. It is automatically applied in LR 2.2; however, this is a good thing. It also means it can be turned off since it is done in software post processing. Compare that to the M8 where lens corrections are done in the camera and you turn it off by not using coded lenses. I don't know how much correction is done in the M8. We know that vignetting and cyan color shifting correction takes place from Sean Reid's testing. Whether CA or pin cushion or barrel distortion corrections take place is not known by me.
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