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Thread: Fun with The kit you have with you - Just Images

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    Fun with The kit you have with you - Just Images

    Travelling from Australia to the UK via China is an experience at any time of year, but winter in the norther hemisphere adds some conditions that can stress the kit and photographer. I brought both the GX7 and GH3, and both have their place, but the GX7 has taken most of the outdoor walking and touristy shots. What surprised me was the walkaround combination of the GX7 and the new and improved Lumix 14-140mm Rev II lens.

    China, torrential rain, out and about in terrible conditions at 6c temps, mainly wet and foggy.
    All pics here: Photo-Matix Imagery | China-Guangzhou 15th Safari Park And a few to view.
    GX7 and all the shots at the Safari Park were with the new Lumix 14-140mm II, dark and dismal heavy rain, I was surprised I got any good shots at all.

    Wet, no kidding.... I think these birds said it all.... "Will this @#%*$ rain ever stop?" GX7, f/5.5 @ 120 mm, 1/250, ISO 640, No Flash

    Cats love water? These two looked happy enough... note the ISO. GX7, f/5.5 @ 120 mm, 1/250, ISO 2500, No Flash

    My first time view of Panda bears, we walked or sloshed through 1km of HEAVY rain, wind and unbrellas to get to the Pandas, was worth it. The gear did not let me down. GX7, f/5.6 @ 130 mm, 1/60, ISO 3200, Flash

    The UK, once again similar temps but for the most part cloudy and dry

    A sunny day in Southampton, frosty and cool... out walking with Maggie and the twins, the GX7 and the new Lumix 14-140mm II
    All the pics from today, essentially happy snaps, JPG OOC with minor tweaks, crops with ACDSee Pro 7. Photo-Matix Imagery | UK-5 A Frosty Walk

    Once again, the GX7 pushing the Lumix 14-140mm Rev 2 is turning out to be better than the old version which I still have, but the lighter weight, faster focus and equal or better IQ is great.

    A shot with the Panorama feature, I have had great success with this when needed. Set to portrait 4/3aspect and pan to the right. GX7, f/4.5 @ 14 mm, 1/640, ISO 200

    I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and will enjoy an equally fine New Year.

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