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Thread: Lens suggestion for Memphis/Nashville trip

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    Lens suggestion for Memphis/Nashville trip

    I just got the EM10 (replaced EP5) and deciding whether to take that or the Stylus 1 on a long weekend trip to Memphis (ELVIS!!!!) and Nashville. When I got the Stylus 1 I planned on that being my vacation camera, but I have been so impressed with the size and IQ of the EM10, I think I will take that along.

    Most of my travel trips (have not done a safari yet) the shots tend to be in the wide to normal range. I currently have the 14-42IIR (soon to be replaced if I like it with the pancake EZ version), the 40-150II and the Panasonic 14mm/2.5 (probably to be replaced by the Olympus 25mm/1.8).

    To those who have lived in/visited the two cities - is there much call for the longer lens aside from the occasional "detail" shot? I would prefer to keep the kit small and just take the 14-42 (whichever I have), the 14mm/25mm (whichever I have for low light/night) and perhaps the BCL Fisheye to play with and I don't plan on making large prints - especially of the "detail' shots.


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    Re: Lens suggestion for Memphis/Nashville trip

    Hey swandy,

    I'm late -- I just found out about this forum, but I'm a street shooter in Memphis.

    My bread and butter are the 14mm and 25mm, and I usually either bring the 45mm or 75mm. But I rarely end up using the telephoto, and most of my shots come from the 14mm or 25mm.

    It all depends on what you want to shoot though. For street scenes and people, the 14mm and 25mm are great.

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    Re: Lens suggestion for Memphis/Nashville trip

    Can't go wrong with the lenses you suggested. You won't regret packing along the zoom, either. My guess is the fisheye will stay in the bag. Have a great trip to Memphis!
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