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Thread: Interesting wide for G1

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    Interesting wide for G1

    I've used the Peleng 8mm fisheye on my 5D and 20D and found it to be an interesting lens. It looks like one in an M42 mount might be even more interesting on a G1. I was rather shocked at the price now. I paid US$165 for mine on eBay 4 years ago.

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    Re: Interesting wide for G1

    I tried one on my E-500 a few years back and wasn't terribly pleased with it. I actually gave it to a friend after I got the ZD 8mm fisheye. I realize that cost is an issue with just about everyone these days and I wouldn't discourage bargain hunting but I honestly feel like we've got many other/better options available to us.

    Just me talkin'! I do know that some other folks have generated some pleasing images with it.


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