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Thread: Leitz vs Zeiss on G1

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    Leitz vs Zeiss on G1

    Hi everyone,

    The 4/3's forum is outstanding. I've really enjoyed some of the discussions here as well as many of the great shots people have posted.

    Now that adapters are available for the G1 I'd love to hear from anyone with an arsenal (at least one of each anyway) of Leitz and Zeiss lenses (and other marques if you have them), particularly if they are of the same focal length.

    If you've shot the same subject with both, I'd be curious to hear what you thought of the pictures you took. And if you noticed any 'signature' differences with them. (Sharpness. Contrast. Bokeh. Saturation etc.The usual stuff.)

    I know I could hunt down images and make my own judgements but I'd be curious to hear what others have encountered from their experiences. And while I also know it's not formal testing per se I think personal reactions as well as the ability to see shots side by side, minimally processed hopefully for our own take would be really helpful.


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    Re: Leitz vs Zeiss on G1

    Although not exactly Zeiss vs Leica, this might whet your appetite for comparison shots:

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