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Thread: G1: Who has seen dust on the sensor (cover plate)?

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    G1: Who has seen dust on the sensor (cover plate)?

    Only while shooting some macros recently, I saw dust. When a lens is stopped down below the diffraction limits (typically below f/11 for the G1), dust is detectable..but..only under certain lighting and only very out of focus.

    Since the cover plate (dust shaker, additional IR cut filter) is a few mm away from the sensor, even when there is dust, it does not appear on the images and does not seem to affect the pictures very much.

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    Re: G1: Who has seen dust on the sensor (cover plate)?

    yes indeed...Vivek, I have seen it using a lens cap pin hole attachment, but since I rarely stop down my working lenses beyond f/2, I haven't seen it in my files.

    Although, I did have a horse hair caught buy the sensor plate...that was visable, until I vacuumed it out...oops.

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    Re: G1: Who has seen dust on the sensor (cover plate)?

    I have not had a problem yet, but I anticipate that with time and lens changing some dust/dirt will deposit on the sensor cover rather sooner than later. Where does the automatic cleaning leave the dust?

    The manual (p. 138) recommends to use only a blower brush and not to touch the sensor. The procedure they describe will just blow the dust around, perhaps blowing some of it off from the sensor (or onto the sensor from the accumulated dust inside the camera) and does not seem a valid solution.

    If you cannot remove the dirt or dust with the blower, consult the dealer or your nearest Service Center

    Comments, suggestions?
    Peter Werner
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    Re: G1: Who has seen dust on the sensor (cover plate)?

    There is a sticky area near the sensor designed t collect the dust that gets blown off, if I remember what I read correctly.
    V/r John

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