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Thread: e-m5 mk2. How often do folk use Manual and Lever 2?

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    e-m5 mk2. How often do folk use Manual and Lever 2?

    I shoot quite a lot of theatre productions. I use Manual all the time as I find Auto Exposure gets too confused by the lights on the stage.

    Up to now I have been setting what I felt was an ASA that would cover me for the dimmest lit scenes - and adjusting the speed/aperture as the lighting changed.

    It has just occured to me that I am probably better equipped if I chose my speed and aperture and worked with the Lever in position 2 where I can alter the exposure by raising or lowering the ASA.

    The default sets the front dial for the changes. (That seems OK and I am not sure that reversing it so the back dial handles ASA is any more logical.)

    I have never read about anyone working this way.

    I wonder why.

    All comments from the gurus are, as always, warmly welcomed.


    London UK

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    Re: e-m5 mk2. How often do folk use Manual and Lever 2?

    I don't shoot Olympus and I mostly use aperture priority, so what I say may not be relevant to how you shoot, but here's how I mostly use my Panasonic cameras:
    I shoot in Aperture Priority and adjust the aperture as suits the situation and don't worry much about exposure time unless I shoot moving subjects. ASA/ISO is set to Auto, but I frequently adjust the maximum ISO level by pushing the the relevant buttom and turning the front command wheel.

    I do it this way because most of the time, it's more important to me to have control over noise in the photo than exposure time, again unless I shoot moving subjects. In that case, I change to Shutter Priority and follow the same procedure with regards to maximum ISO.

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