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Thread: Playback mode [>] as edited pics album on the go (LX3)

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    Playback mode [>] as edited pics album on the go (LX3)

    Has anyone used an LX3 or any other digital camera as a photo album on the go, in other words added your edited pictures to a memory card for playback on the camera's LCD?

    I added a few test jpgs to an SD and tried to view them on the LX3, like I had done on a mobile phone. Well... they didn't register, so I renamed to 'P1010261' etc, which is the letter and number variation sequence of LX3 jpgs. Result: the jpgs are registered but all blacked out.

    With a large and fine LCD like that, why o why can't Pana be nice and make dis wurk? Or is there a trick to this?

    Edit: Please move to small sensor forum. Thanks
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