Panasonic finally got around to updating their global support website with info about which current-ish Leica lenses are compatible with their own-brand M and R adapters.

Here's the page with the info.

On the M side, it looks as if you 21mm and 24mm Summilux users are out of luck; the macro adapter for the 90mm f/4 is also a no-no. But those seem to be the only problem lenses. Everything on the R list gets a thumbs-up. For lenses not on the list, I assume you're on your own; ditto older lenses or any non-Leica lenses in M mount.

None of this info is relevant to me personally for financial reasons, but I was interested in the diagram showing the adapter's "protective cover" and warning not to use lenses that contact it. This protective cover looks like the plastic baffle found in the RayQual and CameraQuest adapters; I wonder if Pana's adapters are from the same OEM...?