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Thread: Comparison of Panasonic lenses

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    Bill Wilby

    Comparison of Panasonic lenses

    I just finished my comparison of the Panasonic 7-14, 14-140 and 14-45 lenses. It can be found on the front page of my web site. There is a link to download the raw files from the 7-14, 14-140 and the 14-45. I hope some of you would would like to work with the raw files will offer your opinions. I have only viewed and posted the jpeg files straight from the G1 camera. No I don't have the GH1 yet just the lens and the Mike. Regards Bill Wilby

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    Re: Comparison of Panasonic lenses

    Thanks Bill, downloading the raw files now...

    Kind Regards


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    Re: Comparison of Panasonic lenses

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Wilby View Post
    I just finished my comparison of the Panasonic 7-14, 14-140 and 14-45 lenses.
    Thanks Bill. I noticed you'd remarked on the fact that the 14-45 is not as wide at 14mm as the other two at the same indicated focal length. Here one can see that this lens at 14mm isn't covering quite what the 16mm Nikkor offers (supposedly a 32mm on the G1), albeit taking into account the distortion still left over from the fact that it's an original Fisheye.

    Nikkor first - Lumix second

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    Re: Comparison of Panasonic lenses

    You cant compare Fish Eye lenses to standard, different angle of view.

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    Re: Comparison of Panasonic lenses

    I think that what's possibly at work here is the auto-corrections that the G1 processes into files. Note the near lack of pincushion or barrel distortion in the Lumix sample vs. the totally uncorrected Nikkor sample. What we know of kit lenses is that they often have more distortion (lower cost design etc.) and if the G1 needs to stretch the image more to process out a greater level of distortion then I think that these results are perfectly logical.

    Frankly, this works for me because I enjoy the output from my 14-45 kit lens due to its' sharpness (something that's most important to me personally) and generally good rendition but it's good to know of these issues regarding field of view nonetheless. For example it might affect lens selection for the mission of the day or a purchase decision.



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