just thought I'd share something I've experience today.

I was trying to compare my EF 50 to my Olympus 50, but I can't stop down the EF lens on my G1. As I have a OM to EF adaptor I thought I'd put the both onto my 10D. Well I picked a focus location and focused the EF lens using Auto focus and half pressed the shutter and released it a few times till I got no sound of AF movement. The Olympus I focused by eye on the screen (no other choice there).

When comparing the results I find that the EF lens is focused slightly forward of the target (based on the other foilage around it) while the Olympus lens was just where I wanted it to be.

All this reminds me of the kind of hassle which I had when I first got AF cameras back in 1989 (an EOS) and feeling like I hated the raspy cheap mechanical small throw of the focusing rings.

Playing with my EF 24 and my Olympus OM 21mm I find more of the same. Even in the squinty little finder of the 10D I can focus the mechanical lens better.

No wonder it feels much better and easier in the (larger) EVF on the G1

I have been taking some on a 35mm film body too ... so it'll be interesting to compare that to the 10D too.

Also (with respect to exposure) the 10D gives a rising over exposure error when stopping down while my film EOS body does not seem to have this effect.

Again this is where the G1 works nicer with these things as the metering is off the sensor (off the film?) and not from the prism! Not to mention the fact that it is not effected by light shining in the back of the eye piece as the 10D is!

So I think that the G1 is a superior metering system to the complexity in metering from focusing screens.

All this makes me feel that so many things have gone backwards during the last 20 years and only now are they starting to catch back up and go forwards.