Warehouse Express a large retailer in the UK had a demo of the Olympus PEN EP-1 on Saturday, so I went along.

Very impressed the body looks and handels superbly, its nice to have things like the battery door made of metal and not plastic that breaks off.

First impressions 14-42 kit lens very nice, images looked sharp even at high ISO's.

17mm pancake lens not sharp and 2.8 but once stopped down looked ok (Not great) these judgements are made looking at the screen on camera only.

External viewfinder not sure if this would be useful or not have to wait on that one.

The flashgun is another matter how do Olympus get away with charging 140 for a small flashgun with a guide No of 14 not much more then any built in unit.

Anyway I was suitably impressed and went back on Sunday and bought the EP-1 with the 14-42 kit lens No photos yet as the time I got home last night it was battery on charge overnight and then fell asleep reading the manual.

But rest assured as I start to play with the EP-1 tonight I will post some photos