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Thread: 31 pages GH1 test

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    Re: 31 pages GH1 test

    A fairly positive review, not unexpected though as the G1 broke so many barriers and the GH1 just takes it to the next level. I just received my GH1 yesterday (many thanks to Bill Wilby at It will join my 2 G1's but I expect to sell off one of the G1's and replace it with the GH1. I tried HD video before (Canon HV20) and never really took to it, but amalgamating excellent stills with video capability really makes this the perfect camera setup for me.

    I'm still going through the manual right now (and brushing up on manual settings for video capture) but this weekend I hope to have some better idea as the the possible (still images) differences between the GH1 and its older sister.

    One thing you notice right off the bat is that the new lens is quite a bit heavier than the other kit lenses. It's not unmanageably weighty, although with the lens extended right out, it approaches an over balance point.

    One really exciting thing for me is going to be using my Nikon fast glass 50mm f1.8, 85mm f1.4 and 300mm f4 for HD video. All on a single platform! Well done Panasonic!


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    Re: 31 pages GH1 test

    I have to say I love the GH1 video with fast MF lenses. I've been following the GH1 videos that have been added to the GH1 group on Vimeo--and some links to some on Youtube.

    Looking forward to hearing from someone here that actually has the GH1 LOL.


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    Bill Wilby

    Re: 31 pages GH1 test

    Thank you Simon, I know you will enjoy the GH1, for other people interested in finding one I have taken the GH1 off my web site. I only received two cameras from Panasonic Canada this week and was told I would not see more until Aug. 25th. Because of this I have canceled my back ordered GH1's and am going to concentrate on selling the 7-14 and 14-140 lenses. I have heard from many frustrated people who would like to buy one and it is equally frustrating not to be able to help them. Hopefully supply will meet the demand soon and we can all be happy some day, like Simon. LOL Bill

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