The first of the two mount converters I ordered came today. Leica M to M4/3 so, of course, I tried it out. I bought this one from ADPLO in Hong Kong. Took 11 days to arrive which I did not think too bad. The brand name is Pixco and it does seem to be nicely machined and evenly anodized. There is, however, a bit of play when a M mount lens is fit. I have only tried the 40mm CV and the bit of play does not seem to affect anything.

I can see also that this manual thing on the G1 is going to take a bit more study on my part and some more time making photos. The other adapter I ordered is one for C mount and a Nikon will follow that one. What I would like to see are some fast primes wider than 14mm. The recent 7 to whatever is way beyond silly for my purpose.

Other lenses will be tested soon. I have 21mm Zeiss and a 35mm CV along with a 50 and a 90 which should be fun if I can get on top of this manual thing. Have no problem with manual operation it is the quirks of the G1 manual implementation which I am refering to. John