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Thread: another recommendation....

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    another recommendation....

    Terry gave the Terraclime 100 a rousing recommendation for the G1 (and the 50 for the EP-1 'naked') and I'm going to give it yet another. I have many MANY bags--all types, all sizes--and I've been using the 5xb for the G1 and several lenses and my Domke 6 when I want to carry more lenses. Works okay but still camera-baggish because the floor of the 5xb is somewhat rigid, though the bag is soft but rectangular at zippered top (Terry warned me to keep one clasp closed on the 100 to keep from tipping out since I'm used to more 'closed' bags--or at least have the velcro or hook caught on the Domkes).

    Forgot to add that I'm using the wrap for the camera and its not bad to lift out to use. I'm using soft lens bags for the additional lenses.

    I love the 100--molds to body, can pack it with a number of lenses and gear or just the G1 and maybe 17 and 40 and other stuff (like Ipod, cell--you know LOL). Its light--say it again--LIGHT--and it will go across your body for easy carrying if you like to carry that way.

    I can even carry my 5D and maybe the 28-75 (think the 24-70L might be pushing it LOL) and perhaps the 50 f/1.4 or similar and it doesn't feel heavy, full or 'packed'. Just the thing for travel.

    I'm a convert. I bought the conservative black--but it has a zingy bright grass green interior *smile*.

    One caveat---I'm betting this one won't still look okay when battered about like my Domkes. They still have a certain charm to them--maybe even more--when they have been used--and used.

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    Re: another recommendation....

    I am glad you wrote this; I have been pondering getting one for an upcoming trip. I may just do it now.



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