After receiving the Leica M & EOS adapters from RJ today, I went out and bought a G1 (used) & a GH1 (new) cameras. I played with the G1 with Leica M, Contax (EOS + CY to EOS adapter) & EOS lenses and had lots of fun. By the time I played with the GH1 when the battery was fully charged, I had problem and I am taking the camera back to my local dealer tomorrow.

On the GH1, video recorded and played back beautifully. However, every time I took a still image, I got the message "please turn off your camera and then back on again". I had to do that in order to free up the camera. Taking the battery out, changing to another SD card (I have two SD cards: 8 GB & 16 GB), reformatting both SD cards did not help either. The GH-1 and the 14-140 lens already have the latest V1.1 firmware (actually I did try to download and reinstall V1.1 firmwares but the camera knows better and refused to do update). It is a bit disappointing but hopefully my local store will look after me. I am afraid that my GH-1 is the last one they have in stock. At least I still have the G1 for the weekend.

I am wodering has anyone heard about the problem similar to my GH-1?