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Thread: EP1 on a movie set

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    EP1 on a movie set

    Was bumping into a movie set on ocean drive in Miami for "Burn Notice", a pretty popular TV series in the US. Lots of police and security, chasing DSLR holders away, keeping P+S activists at a distance, but not knowing what to do with the guy in a T-shirt, shorts and beach sandals with an outdated camera (EP1+pancake+VF) dangling from his neck. All I got multiple times is a "now photos, please". Somehow, I achieved to commingle with the group of young people providing the background to the scene they were shooting. The pictures are nothing special, but the situation and experience was. The last two pics show some better known actresses.
    EP1 was set in MF and sequential mode.
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    Re: EP1 on a movie set

    Congrats on making amature/tourist status.
    Now you can get right in there....

    ps.... Could you please describe your experience with
    the viewfinder. Such as accuracy and how you set the camera up.
    This would be much appreciated.
    Don... Again
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